I'm a business lawyer to the core. I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Law School and the Wharton School of Business with  a JD and an MBA in 1983. Prior to that I studied economics at Princeton earning my AB with honors in my major.

I've started companies, raised millions in venture capital and private equity, and worked with hundreds of of entrepreneurs on hundreds of transactions spanning four decades.

I believe businesses will gladly pay a fair fee for demonstrable results, and therefore I believe that fees for professional services should be set by mutual agreement, not by pricing after the fact based on timesheets and hourly rates. My commitment to charging fair, negotiated fees is based on my personal philosophy, and my extensive research into the history of the business of law. For more information about Value Pricing of legal services, you can visit WWW.VERASAGE.COM.

No Hourly Rates, No Surprises, No Drama.